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Barron Trump has declined to serve as a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention, citing “prior commitments” as the reason for his decision. Born in 2006, Barron is the youngest of Donald Trump’s five children and the only child of Melania Trump. Despite his parents largely shielding him from the public eye during his childhood, Barron faced online attacks during his father’s presidency. He attended various schools, including St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Maryland and Oxbridge Academy in Florida.

While Barron Trump’s future plans remain uncertain, his father, former President Donald Trump, has mentioned the possibility of him attending college at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where his siblings also graduated from. The Daily Beast reported that New York University was at the top of Barron’s list of potential college choices, although this has not been confirmed. Barron is described as a good athlete, tall, good-looking, and a great student, according to his father.

The Republican National Convention, where delegates from each state formally vote to nominate a presidential candidate, is set to take place from July 15-18 in Milwaukee. Delegates are allocated based on various factors, including each state’s congressional representation and past electoral votes. Notable Florida delegates include Barron’s older siblings, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Tiffany Trump, as well as their spouses and a Trump donor.

Donald Trump has involved his children in his personal business and political operations, with Ivanka Trump serving in the Trump Organization and later as a White House adviser, Donald Trump Jr. as an executive vice president, and Eric Trump also holding a similar position within the business. Additionally, Eric’s wife, Lara Trump, was recently appointed co-chair of the Republican National Committee. Despite his father’s political involvement, Barron has largely remained out of the public eye until now.

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