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Anita Verma-Lallian, the founder of Camelback Productions and CEO/founder of Arizona Land Consulting, has ventured into the world of film production with the establishment of Arizona’s first female and South Asian-owned film production and entertainment company in 2023. Motivated by the lack of representation in mainstream media for South Asian storytelling, Anita embarked on her journey as a first-time film producer, culminating in the debut of her movie, Doin’ It in 2024. Her mission is to create a level playing field for her young children and others interested in exploring acting and the visual arts.

Throughout her journey as a first-time filmmaker, Anita has learned numerous valuable lessons that she shares with other production companies. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity in storytelling, believing that the core of filmmaking lies in the story itself. By showcasing the richness and diversity of South Asian experiences through immersive storytelling, Anita has strived to let the authenticity of the narrative shine through naturally, collaborating with writers to ensure accurate representation and avoid stereotypes.

Anita underscores the significance of collaboration in filmmaking, highlighting the role of collective efforts in determining the success of any project. By building a team that believes in the overall vision and translating passion into meaningful results, Anita has experienced the power of a collaborative approach firsthand. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of resilience and adaptability in overcoming the challenges that often arise during film productions, encouraging producers to embrace flexibility and navigate through the uncharted waters of production.

As a passionate advocate for promoting the South Asian narrative, Anita believes that films have the power to challenge stereotypes, narratives, and inspire compassion. By actively championing the cause of representation and diversity in the industry, Anita infuses advocacy into her work and uses filmmaking as a tool for education. She believes that producers can develop narratives that give voice to underrepresented groups and enrich storytelling with a diverse cast, contributing to important conversations and promoting diverse narratives.

Anita emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the journey and celebrating small wins along the way in the filmmaking process. While production may not always be easy, it is a rewarding experience that fosters a positive and motivated environment within the production team. The valuable lessons learned from the premiere of her movie have shaped Anita’s approach to filmmaking, and she is excited to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of cinema by sharing stories that matter to her community and beyond. Anita’s journey as a first-time film producer has been transformative, and she looks forward to continuing to promote diverse narratives through her work.

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