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The launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Joker season has been met with mixed reviews due to the lack of significant new missions and story content. However, the introduction of the Joker as a new squad member has generated interest among players. This version of the Joker is pulled from an alternate reality, offering a fresh take on the iconic character compared to the Arkham version.

After players grind or pay to unlock the Joker, they are eager to see how this new character fares in the game. The new Joker design is both captivating and fitting for the squad, with exaggerated fighting animations that showcase his carnival clown persona. Players have praised the unique traversal abilities of Joker, which involve explosive blasts and rocket surfing on an umbrella, reminiscent of Deadshot’s midair jetpack steering.

Despite having a captivating design and unique traversal abilities, the Joker’s ultimate move may not be as effective as expected due to the way shields work with new modifiers in the game. Players are still experimenting with different builds to maximize the Joker’s potential and utility. His skill tree focuses on burn-based options, making non-fire builds less viable, but players have found success in creating strong grenade builds with the character.

In addition to exploring the Joker’s abilities, players have been experimenting with new equipment, such as Scarecrow sets and Notorious items, that offer double villain interactions and poison effects. While these sets add depth to gameplay, some players have noted issues with certain modifiers that impact the effectiveness of poisoned enemies. Despite these challenges, players are enjoying the opportunity to customize their characters and enhance their gameplay experience.

Overall, the Joker season in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been deemed a mixed bag by players. While the introduction of the Joker has been a highlight, the lack of significant new content and the grinding required to unlock the character have been points of contention. Players have expressed frustration with the similarity between characters in terms of abilities and gameplay mechanics, but many have found joy in playing as the Joker and exploring new strategies and builds within the game.

As players continue to navigate the Suicide Squad universe and engage with new content and characters, the allure of playing as the Joker remains strong. Despite the shortcomings of the season, the character has breathed new life into the game for many players, sparking creativity and excitement. As the game evolves and introduces new elements, players will undoubtedly continue to explore the potential of characters like the Joker and seek out new challenges and adventures in the Suicide Squad universe.

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