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The new Paramount Plus special, South Park: The End of Obesity, explores what happens when new weight loss drugs come to the town of South Park, Colorado. In a teaser for the special, Eric Cartman learns that drastic measures are needed to bring down his weight. However, he is prevented from accessing weight loss drugs, leading Cartman and his friends to take matters into their own hands. The special follows six other Paramount Plus specials, with run times ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. South Park: The End of Obesity is set to release on May 24 in the US and Canada, and May 25 in various other countries.

The special will showcase the South Park kids navigating the American health care system, offering a humorous take on the issue of obesity. Viewers in the US can choose between Paramount Plus Essential and Paramount Plus with Showtime plans. The Essential plan costs $6 per month or $60 per year with ads, while the Showtime plan costs $12 per month. There is currently a deal running that brings the annual Showtime plan cost down to $60 instead of $120 for one year. The Showtime plan offers additional benefits such as Showtime programming, downloads, access to the local CBS station live, and fewer commercials.

With South Park addressing the theme of obesity and the challenges of weight loss drugs, viewers can expect a satirical and entertaining take on the issue. The special features familiar characters like Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Butters as they don lab coats and tackle the topic in typical South Park fashion. The End of Obesity follows the success of previous South Park specials on Paramount Plus, expanding on the show’s unique style of social commentary and humor. Fans can anticipate an engaging and thought-provoking exploration of weight loss and health in the context of the South Park universe.

The release date for South Park: The End of Obesity on Paramount Plus is set for May 24 in the US and Canada, and May 25 in several other countries including the UK, Australia, and various European regions. This exclusive event promises to deliver the signature irreverent humor and sharp social critique that South Park is known for. As the characters grapple with weight loss drugs and the complexities of the US health care system, viewers can expect a blend of comedy and commentary that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. South Park continues to push boundaries and tackle relevant issues in its own distinct way, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary topics through the lens of animated satire.

For fans of South Park and those interested in the intersection of humor and social commentary, South Park: The End of Obesity presents a unique and engaging viewing experience. By delving into the challenges of weight loss drugs and the complexities of the American health care system, the special offers a comedic yet insightful take on a significant societal issue. With the familiar cast of characters taking on the role of unlikely heroes in the fight against obesity, viewers can expect a blend of wit, humor, and social observation that is characteristic of South Park’s approach to storytelling. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the South Park kids confront the end of obesity in this latest Paramount Plus event.

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