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CHINA's Secret Debt, USA Inflation, WORLD BANK Warning, BLOCK $29BN OZ Buyout, NFT's & OH NO OVO!


In this video I bring you a round up of all of the key news from the Financial markets including CHINA’s MASSIVE Secret Off-Balance Sheet Debt Pile, USA Inflation for December, WORLD BANK’s Forecasts for 2022 & 2023, BLOCK’s $29BN Record Breaking Australian Acquisition, Details of the NFT Market for 2021 and some HILARIOUSLY EMBARRASING tips on how to stay warm this Winter from OVO ENERGY.

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0:00 Intro
1:37 Financial Markets
3:04 USA Inflation
5:44 WORLD BANK Forecasts
8:14 CHINA’s Secret Debt
11:12 $29BN Australian Buyout
13:49 NFT’s
16:54 OH NO OVO!