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Hailey Bieber is sharing her struggles with perioral dermatitis, a condition that causes a rash around the mouth, with her fans on TikTok. In a video, she showed off her recent flare-up and discussed how she has been dealing with the condition since she was in her late teens. She acknowledged that many others also battle with perioral dermatitis and wanted to offer some insight into how she manages her own flare-ups.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, perioral dermatitis presents as red, acne-like breakouts that typically appear around the mouth but can also affect the areas around the eyes and nose. Bieber shared that her treatment regimen includes a prescription azelaic acid cream at night to help reduce inflammation. Azelaic acid is commonly used to treat mild to moderately inflamed acne by killing the bacteria that causes breakouts and keeping pores clean. During the daytime, she uses a clindamycin topical treatment and ensures to apply sunscreen as well.

Bieber previously spoke about her struggles with perioral dermatitis in a February 2020 interview with Refinery29, where she admitted that the unpredictable nature of the condition makes it hard to prevent flare-ups. She mentioned that her career as a model has sometimes aggravated her condition, revealing instances when using new products on set led to rashes around her mouth and eyes. To avoid triggers, she made adjustments to her skincare and makeup routines, removing certain ingredients that could potentially worsen her condition.

The model’s candid sharing on social media has helped shed light on perioral dermatitis and the challenges individuals face when dealing with skin conditions. Bieber’s openness about her personal struggles highlights the importance of destigmatizing skin issues and encouraging discussions around proper skincare habits. By discussing triggers and preventative measures, she offers her fans valuable insights that may help them manage their own skin conditions effectively.

Bieber’s willingness to share her experiences with perioral dermatitis serves as a reminder that celebrities are not immune to skin problems and the importance of normalizing discussions about skincare concerns. Her openness about her struggles and treatment regimen can resonate with others dealing with similar issues, providing them with a sense of solidarity and potentially valuable tips for managing their conditions. This portrayal of vulnerability and authenticity on social media platforms contributes to fostering a sense of community among individuals navigating skin-related challenges.

In conclusion, Hailey Bieber’s transparent revelation about her battle with perioral dermatitis showcases her dedication to destigmatizing skin conditions and promoting honest conversations about skincare. By sharing her personal journey and treatment methods, she not only educates her fans about managing perioral dermatitis but also encourages a culture of open dialogue surrounding skin issues. Through her vulnerability and authenticity, Bieber sets an example for others struggling with skin conditions, emphasizing the importance of seeking proper treatment and adopting effective skincare practices. Her advocacy for skin health and awareness contributes to a broader conversation on self-care and self-acceptance, conveying a message of empowerment and support to individuals dealing with similar challenges.

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