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A Texas Army veteran and middle school math teacher named Dustin Ebey legally changed his name to “Literally Anybody Else” to run for the presidency. His campaign is focused on breaking free from corruption and partisan gridlock while appealing to Americans to demand change and embrace a more just and fair vision for the country. “Else” is seeking 113,000 signatures from Texas non-primary voters to secure his name on the general election ballot. If he fails to do so, he is urging supporters to write in his name under the “neither” option. Despite not having a desire to be president, Else believes the country deserves good leadership and feels compelled to stand up and make a difference. He is seeking support from all Americans to help bring the country back to normalcy.

The 35-year-old teacher from North Richland Hills has outlined his campaign priorities, which include affordable housing, improving education standards, securing the southern border, and providing healthcare for all Americans. Else’s mission to garner support for his campaign comes at a time when many Americans have expressed frustration and doubt about the leadership abilities of former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden. A recent poll found that more respondents trust Trump over Biden to lead the nation, but 30% said they would trust neither candidate. Else believes there should be an outlet for those who are fed up with the constant power struggle between the two parties, which he believes has no benefit to the common person.

Else believes that politics has become more about the fight than the future, and his campaign is dedicated to offering real solutions over sound bites. He hopes to bring attention to the need for good leadership in the country and inspire others to demand change. He acknowledges that his campaign is a collective effort and implores all Americans to contribute in any way they can to help bring the country back to sanity. Despite his campaign, Else reportedly plans to change his name back to Dustin Ebey regardless of the outcome of the election. His bold move to change his name reflects his commitment to stepping outside the bounds of the status quo and embracing a new vision for the future. By running for president, Else hopes to bring attention to the need for genuine leadership and inspire others to advocate for change.

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