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The 2024 Paris Olympics are quickly approaching, with athletes from around the world preparing to compete for gold medals and bring glory to their countries. In the United States, basketball is a sport that they have traditionally excelled in, and this year, they have a new challenge in the form of 3-on-3 basketball. This variation of the sport made its debut in the 2020 Olympics and the U.S. team is looking to dominate in this format as well. Jimmer Fredette, a well-known figure in the basketball world, will be making his Olympic debut with the Team USA 3-on-3 squad in Paris, alongside Canyon Barry, Kareem Maddox, and Dylan Travis.

Fredette, who gained fame as a college basketball star at BYU in 2010 and 2011, was selected by the Sacramento Kings as the 10th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. While his success in college did not fully translate to the NBA, he found success in the Chinese Basketball Association after his time in the NBA. With his exceptional shooting ability and previous international experience, Fredette, now 35 years old, remains a threat on the court. In 2023, he was named the USA Basketball 3-on-3 Male Athlete of the Year, further showcasing his skills and readiness for the Olympic stage.

Fredette expressed his excitement at the opportunity to represent his country at the Olympics, emphasizing the significance of the event and the honor it holds for him as an athlete. He, along with his team members, is determined to bring their best efforts to Paris and compete for a gold medal in the 3-on-3 basketball format. The team has had success in recent competitions, winning gold at the 2023 Pan American Games and the 2022 FIBA 3-on-3 AmeriCup, which has boosted their confidence heading into the Olympics.

As Fredette and his teammates prepare to take on the competition in Paris, they are focused on maintaining their winning momentum and showcasing their skills on the global stage. With their success in previous tournaments and Fredette’s individual achievements, the Team USA 3-on-3 squad is a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Olympics. Fredette’s journey from college stardom to international success in China has prepared him well for this moment, and he is eager to make his mark on the Olympic basketball court.

The 2024 Paris Olympics will be a thrilling event for fans of basketball and sports worldwide, with the addition of the 3-on-3 format adding an exciting new element to the competition. Fredette’s participation in the games will bring a mix of experience, skill, and determination to the Team USA 3-on-3 squad, as they strive to claim victory and bring home a gold medal. As the countdown to the Olympics continues, all eyes will be on Fredette and his teammates as they look to make their mark in Paris and represent the United States with pride and excellence on the basketball court.

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