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House Majority Whip Tom Emmer has demanded that the Justice Department prosecute ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen for making false statements and admitting to stealing during the criminal trial of former President Trump. Emmer sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging the DOJ to take action on criminal referrals related to alleged lies Cohen has told Congress. Emmer also demanded information on Manhattan prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, who worked for the Biden administration before joining the team prosecuting Trump. Emmer accused Cohen of being a “pathological liar” who has lied to Congress multiple times, leading to criminal referrals.

During the NY v. Trump criminal trial, it was revealed that Cohen had lied to Congress about seeking employment in President Trump’s White House. Cohen admitted on the stand that he had conversations about working with Trump and expressed a desire to be considered for chief of staff. Additionally, Cohen admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump Organization. Emmer pointed out that Cohen’s admission of stealing was a more significant felony than the charges brought against Trump in the trial. Emmer demanded that the DOJ take immediate action on the criminal referrals and raised concerns about potential collusion between the Biden administration’s DOJ and the prosecutor in the case against Trump.

Colangelo, a top prosecutor on the team prosecuting Trump, previously worked in the Biden administration at the Justice Department. He left his position as a senior DOJ official to join the team prosecuting Trump. Emmer questioned the DOJ’s delay in indicting Cohen despite criminal referrals from multiple congressional committees and demanded that Garland provide documents related to Colangelo’s employment and explain why Cohen has not been indicted. Emmer accused the Biden administration’s DOJ of colluding with the prosecutor in the case against Trump and seeking to protect Cohen, who was described as a “convicted liar.”

Emmer vowed to use every resource available to ensure that Cohen is prosecuted and held accountable for his crimes. He criticized the Biden administration’s DOJ for its handling of the case against Trump and vowed to continue pushing for justice. Emmer emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in the legal process and insisted that Cohen should be behind bars for his actions. Emmer’s letter to Garland highlighted the concerns raised by Republicans about the handling of the case against Trump and the protection of Cohen as a key witness in the trial. Emmer’s letter underscored the ongoing controversy surrounding the prosecution of Trump and the involvement of key figures in the Biden administration in the case.

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