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In the suburb of Stones Corner in Brisbane, major development projects are underway, including 82 units being built by Brisbane Housing Company and 96 units by CSDG Constructions in the Lumina development. Local trader association chair Michael Weibler is concerned about potential changes to the streetscape and businesses in the area. Huon Property Group has received approval for 114 apartments over 16 storeys in Logan Road, with ground floor commercial spaces that Weibler believes are essential to maintain ongoing shop frontages.

Weibler also expressed concerns about potential applications that could see street-level coffee shops replaced by a supermarket on Logan Road, and the impact of new restaurants on Cleveland Street on existing traders. As larger development franchises move into the area, smaller businesses are feeling the pressure. Weibler noted that local traders have not been consulted on the council’s urban renewal plans, and that their opinions are not being sought in the decision-making process. The community’s concerns are submitted through the council’s website, but Weibler believes they may not be adequately considered.

The future of Moorooka’s Magic Mile of Motors is being transformed into an area of mixed housing, commercial, and retail properties, supported by new Cross River Rail stations. Council’s approach to Moorooka highlights the importance of allowing sustainable growth while preserving a suburb’s character. Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner emphasized the need to protect the area’s great features, such as character houses, while accommodating more housing in a way that enhances existing lifestyle. This strategic approach aims to support growth without compromising the unique identity of the suburb.

Stones Corner’s identity is closely tied to its shopping culture, and Weibler believes it is essential to maintain retail spaces along Logan Road to attract residents and visitors to the area. The transformation of Norman Creek at Hanlon Park into a flood-resilient park reflects the ongoing changes in the neighborhood, with new developments and infrastructure projects reshaping the urban landscape. Weibler’s advocacy for preserving retail spaces and consulting with local traders underscores the importance of community input in shaping the future of Stones Corner.

As development continues in Stones Corner, balancing the needs of residents, businesses, and the community will be critical. Weibler’s efforts to advocate for local traders and maintain the area’s retail character demonstrate the importance of sustainable development practices that prioritize community input and preserve the unique identity of the neighborhood. By involving stakeholders in the decision-making process and considering the impact of new developments on existing businesses, Brisbane can ensure that growth is managed in a way that benefits all members of the community.

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