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In a recent UFC fight, Andre Lima earned a “bite bonus” from Dana White after being bitten by his opponent, Igor Severino, who was making his UFC debut. The incident resulted in the fight being waved off after a doctor confirmed the bite mark on Lima’s biceps. Despite initially thinking the pain was from the fence, Lima later realized he had been bitten during the fight. After the fight, Lima posted a photo on Instagram showing that he had gotten a tattoo of the bite mark on his arm with a quote that read, “I got f—ing bit bonus.” White praised Lima’s reaction to the incident and decided to double the bonus to 50k. Severino was subsequently released from the UFC for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

White expressed disappointment at Severino’s actions, mentioning that the two fighters were up-and-coming undefeated prospects in the UFC. He emphasized that there are other ways to handle frustration in a fight, but biting is unacceptable. Severino’s actions not only resulted in losing the fight but also cost him the biggest opportunity of his life. White also pointed out that Severino may face consequences from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his actions. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Lima remained undefeated in his fighting career, with an impressive record of 8-0, including five wins via knockout.

Lima recounted the moment he realized he had been bitten during the fight, noting that he initially thought the pain was from the fence. He described the fight as back and forth, with both fighters having the potential for a ‘Fight of the Night’ performance. However, Severino’s actions tarnished the fight’s potential and ultimately led to the fight being stopped due to the biting incident. Lima’s reaction to the bite, including getting a tattoo of the bite mark, reflected his resilience and sense of humor in handling the situation. Despite the unusual circumstances, Lima’s victory showcased his fighting skills and ability to overcome challenges inside the Octagon.

The biting incident brought attention to the importance of sportsmanship and fair play in UFC matches. While UFC fights are known for their intense battles and physical confrontations, certain actions, such as biting, are considered unacceptable and can result in severe consequences for the offending fighter. White’s decision to reward Lima with a bonus for his reaction to being bitten highlighted the importance of professionalism and resilience in adverse situations. The incident serves as a reminder to fighters about the need to uphold the integrity and spirit of the sport, even in the heat of competition. Lima’s victory and handling of the biting incident exemplify the qualities of a true UFC fighter who can overcome challenges and setbacks in pursuit of success in the Octagon.

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