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Former President Trump spoke at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Texas, receiving the NRA’s endorsement and calling for gun enthusiasts to vote. He urged gun owners to use their voting power to support conservative causes, noting that gun owners often don’t vote in high numbers. Trump also criticized Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., calling him “radical left” and telling supporters not to waste their vote on him. He emphasized the importance of ensuring a win for conservative candidates.

In his speech, Trump took aim at President Biden, questioning his cognitive abilities and suggesting that he was “high as a kite” during his State of the Union address in March. The former president called for drug tests for the upcoming debates with Biden. Trump also announced the creation of a new “Gun Owners for Trump” coalition, aimed at mobilizing gun rights activists and individuals in the firearms industry to support his campaign. He emphasized the need for gun owners to be politically active and unite behind conservative causes.

Trump’s remarks energized the crowd at the NRA event, with attendees cheering his endorsement and rallying cries for gun owners to vote in elections. He praised the “great patriots” in the audience while admonishing the “rebellious bunch” for not fully utilizing their voting power. Trump highlighted the potential impact of gun owners voting in large numbers, stating that they could “swamp” their opponents if they were more politically active.

The former president criticized RFK Jr. for his left-leaning policies and lack of clear policy positions, suggesting that he was unqualified to lead. Trump also made a lighthearted comment about a fly buzzing near him on stage, comparing it to RFK Jr. and stating that he didn’t like flies. He warned NRA supporters not to vote for RFK Jr., emphasizing the need to elect conservative candidates with common sense policies. Trump’s speech at the NRA event was met with enthusiasm from attendees, who cheered his endorsement and calls to action.

Overall, Trump’s speech at the NRA Annual Meeting focused on rallying gun enthusiasts to vote in support of conservative causes and candidates. He criticized RFK Jr. and President Biden while calling for drug tests for the upcoming debates. Trump announced the creation of a new coalition, “Gun Owners for Trump,” aimed at mobilizing support from gun rights activists and individuals in the firearms industry. The former president’s remarks were met with enthusiasm from the crowd, who cheered his calls for political action and support for conservative candidates.

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