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Former President Donald Trump criticized President Biden for his response to anti-Israel campus protests, accusing Biden of surrendering college campuses to anarchists, jihadists, and anti-American extremists. Trump claimed that Biden is weak and surrounded by fascists in the White House, leading a radicalized Democratic Party that is becoming increasingly left-wing. He also alleged that the same people funding violent campus uprisings are also financing Biden’s campaign, calling on Biden and the DNC to return donations from anti-Semites and American haters.

Speaking at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, Trump called for a crackdown on violent radicals on college campuses and vowed to deport anyone trying to bring jihadism, anti-Americanism, or anti-Semitism to American schools. The event, described as the largest political gathering in New Jersey’s history by Rep. Jeff Van Drew, was intended to demonstrate Trump’s continued support and strength as he faces multiple felony charges in criminal cases with the election approaching in less than six months. The crowd was estimated to be between 80,000 and 100,000 people by the city spokesperson.

Trump was joined on stage by high-level endorsers, including North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who is being considered as a potential vice-presidential running mate for Trump. The rally was characterized by strong rhetoric against Biden and the Democratic Party, with Trump calling for a return to law and order on college campuses and accusing Biden of failing to stand up to enemies abroad or extremists within his own party. The event aimed to rally support for Trump’s bid for re-election and highlight his commitment to conservative values amidst a backdrop of legal challenges.

In his speech, Trump painted a picture of chaos and violence on college campuses, blaming Biden for allowing the situation to escalate and accusing him of being manipulated by extremists in his own party. Trump called for a return to traditional American values and a crackdown on those funding anti-Semitic and anti-American activities on campuses. The rally served as a platform for Trump to showcase his continued popularity and influence within the Republican Party, as well as to energize his base leading up to the election.

Trump’s rhetoric at the rally underscored his ongoing feud with Biden and the Democratic Party, portraying himself as the law-and-order candidate standing against radicalism and extremism. By aligning himself with traditional American values and calling for a crackdown on campus violence, Trump sought to contrast his leadership style with what he views as Biden’s weakness and inability to confront threats both domestic and foreign. The rally represented a key moment in Trump’s campaign as he seeks to galvanize support and present himself as a strong and decisive leader in the face of legal challenges and political opposition.

Overall, the rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, served as a platform for former President Donald Trump to criticize President Biden’s response to anti-Israel campus protests, rally support for his re-election bid, and frame himself as the law-and-order candidate standing against radicalism and extremism. Trump’s speech highlighted his continued influence within the Republican Party and his commitment to conservative values, setting the stage for a contentious election campaign in the months ahead. The event drew tens of thousands of attendees and featured high-profile endorsers, emphasizing Trump’s efforts to mobilize his base and demonstrate his strength as a political figure amidst legal challenges and political opposition.

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