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Travis Scott and Alexander “AE” Edwards were involved in an altercation after Scott dissed Tyga at the Cannes Film Festival. The incident began when Scott and Tyga were on stage at an event hosted by Richie Akiva. Scott grabbed the mic from Akiva’s hand to stop him from giving Tyga a shoutout, which led to AE getting involved. A fight broke out between the three men, with AE ultimately throwing Scott off the stage. Despite Tyga being behind the DJ booth, his assistant also got involved in the altercation. Security intervened, and Scott left with Southside while AE and Tyga remained at the event.

Akiva had tried to get Scott to perform for a couple of hours with no success before the altercation. When AE and Tyga arrived, they went on stage along with Scott. Scott then grabbed the mic, slammed it, and stormed off stage, causing a confrontation with AE and Southside. The situation escalated into a shoving match and a fistfight, with Scott coming to Southside’s defense against AE. Security eventually broke up the fight, and Tyga and AE remained at the event while Scott and Southside left. Thankfully, no one was injured during the altercation.

A video shared by Hollywood Unlocked showed two male figures engaging in a physical altercation at the event, leading to confusion about who was involved. While details about what sparked the disagreement are unclear, Scott and Tyga have a history, including both having dated Kylie Jenner. Kylie dated Tyga from 2015 to 2017, before moving on to a relationship with Scott. The former couple share two children together, but their relationship ended in 2022. Despite their history and mutual connections, not much is known about Tyga and Scott’s relationship.

Despite their past connections, Tyga and Scott were on good terms as recently as March 2022. Tyga showed his support for Scott during his first concert following the tragic crowd surge at the Astroworld festival in 2021. An eyewitness at the concert observed Tyga seated in the VIP section, watching Scott’s performance. The insider noted that Tyga could have left but chose to stay in the main room to support Scott. Both Scott and Tyga have not commented on the altercation at the Cannes Film Festival, and representatives from both parties were reached out to by Us Weekly for comment.

The incident at the Cannes Film Festival highlights the tensions between Travis Scott, Tyga, and Alexander “AE” Edwards. The altercation was sparked when Scott disrupted a shoutout to Tyga, leading to a physical confrontation on stage. Despite their history and connections within the music industry, the exact details of the disagreement remain unclear. Scott and Tyga’s past relationships with Kylie Jenner add another layer to their complex dynamic. The aftermath of the altercation saw Scott and Southside leaving, while Tyga and AE remained at the event. Security intervened to prevent further escalation of the situation.

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