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Travis Kelce’s niece, Wyatt, is a big fan of Taylor Swift’s music, particularly the song “The Man.” Travis mentioned that the track is Wyatt’s favorite during an interview at the annual Kelce Jam music festival in Kansas. He also expressed his own preference for Swift’s song “So High School,” which is believed to be inspired by the relationship between him and Swift that began in 2023. The lyrics of the song reference Kelce’s career as a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In 2016, Travis was asked to play a game of “Kiss, Marry, Kill” with Taylor Swift as one of the options, and he chose to kiss her. Swift’s song “So High School” also references the game, with lyrics questioning whether to marry, kiss, or kill. Travis has attended several of Swift’s Eras Tour concerts and has expressed his admiration for her performances, calling them “unbelievable.” At a recent concert in Paris, Swift gave shoutouts to Travis during her performance of “So High School” by blowing a kiss in his direction and seemingly acknowledging his presence in the audience.

Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, and his wife, Kylie Kelce, share Wyatt as well as two other daughters, Elliotte and Bennett. Travis confirmed that “So High School” is his favorite Taylor Swift song and believes that everybody could get fired up to that track. The interviewer also mentioned other Swift songs such as “The Alchemy,” “Fearless,” and “The Man,” with Travis noting that “The Man” is Wyatt’s favorite song. The Kelce family’s love for Taylor Swift’s music, especially the song “The Man,” is evident in their support for her music.

Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift has been a subject of speculation and interest, with Swift’s song “So High School” believed to be inspired by their romance. The lyrics of the song reference Kelce’s football career and their relationship, adding to the speculation surrounding their connection. Travis has publicly supported Swift at her concerts and admired her talents as a performer. Their relationship has been a source of admiration for fans and followers, who enjoy seeing their interactions and support for each other in the public eye.

Travis Kelce’s preference for Taylor Swift’s music, particularly the song “So High School,” reflects his admiration for Swift as an artist and their personal connection. The Kelce family’s shared love for Swift’s music, with Wyatt enjoying “The Man” as her favorite song, highlights their support for Swift’s music career. Travis’ public endorsements and attendance at Swift’s concerts showcase his admiration for her work and the bond they share through music. The speculation and interest surrounding their relationship adds to the intrigue and fascination with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s connection.

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