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Strikes are a common occurrence in Europe, with employees often withholding their labor to push for better pay and working conditions. These walkouts can be planned well in advance or announced suddenly, so it is important for travelers to stay informed about potential disruptions. Our comprehensive guide provides up-to-date information on strike dates and locations, ensuring that you are prepared for any travel disruptions that may arise. In the event that your flight or train is canceled or delayed due to a strike, you are entitled to either a new ticket or compensation, depending on the circumstances.

In Italy, Milan will experience a public transport strike on 22 March, affecting the metro, buses, and trams. Additionally, strikes are expected to impact Italian airports and trains in March. Passengers traveling through Verona’s Villafranca airport on 23 March may face disruption due to a strike by air traffic controllers, while a walkout by Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) employees will impact trains on 23-24 March. Train services in Italy will be severely affected during this period, with a minimal timetable in place to minimize disruptions.

In the UK, rail workers are planning a series of one-day strikes in April over pay. The strikes will affect various train companies, including Avanti West Coast, East Midlands Railway, and CrossCountry. London Tube drivers are also scheduled to strike on 8 April and 4 May, potentially causing chaos in the capital. Additionally, Border Force workers in the UK are considering strike action over Easter due to disputes over working hours and conditions. Potential strike dates have been mentioned, with the outcome of the ballot expected on 22 March. If the strikes go ahead, long queues and delays at London’s Heathrow Airport are anticipated.

In Germany, train strikes have paused as talks between the GDL union and national rail operator Deutsche Bahn have resumed. The temporary halt in strikes comes after workers walked out on 12 March, causing disruptions in train services across Germany. Meanwhile, in France, workers at the state-owned public transport company have announced a seven-month strike notice from 5 February to 9 September. The CGT-RATP union is calling for better pay, and disruptions could impact the Ile-de-France bus and metro network. Concerns have been raised about potential strikes affecting the Paris 2024 Olympics if an agreement is not reached.

As strike action continues to impact various European countries, it is essential for travelers to stay informed and plan accordingly. Strikes can cause significant disruptions to travel plans, leading to cancellations, delays, and chaos at transport hubs. By keeping up-to-date with the latest strike information and understanding your rights as a passenger, you can navigate through potential challenges with greater ease. Remember to check our guide for the most recent updates on strike dates and locations, and feel free to share any information about upcoming strikes through our Twitter page.

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