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Phil Birchenall, a business consultant from Manchester, U.K., took a unique approach to helping his daughter Daisy, who was struggling in Math. Despite transitioning to secondary education and dealing with a family illness, Daisy faced challenges with key math concepts. Phil recognized the need for targeted support and decided to create a virtual math tutor using artificial intelligence.

Inspired by the potential of AI tools, Phil crafted a personalized tutor named Izzy for Daisy. By providing detailed instructions and information about Daisy’s struggles and interests, Phil trained ChatGPT to cater to Daisy’s needs. Izzy’s sessions were tailored to focus on Daisy’s weak areas, incorporating humor and references to dogs to keep her engaged and motivated. The AI tutor proved to be effective in explaining concepts, providing practice questions, and offering feedback on Daisy’s progress.

Phil’s initiative with Izzy went beyond academic support, demonstrating how AI can create a positive and fun learning environment. By integrating elements of Daisy’s interests, Phil showed how AI can be used to foster engaging educational experiences. The success of Izzy’s tutoring sessions was evident in Daisy’s improved performance in her exams, showcasing the potential of AI in personalized education.

Phil’s journey with ChatGPT highlights the transformative potential of AI in education, emphasizing the importance of personalized learning experiences. As Daisy continues her academic journey, Phil plans to adapt Izzy to her evolving needs, possibly incorporating her interest in German into math problems. His experience with AI underscores the need for education to evolve and embrace technological advancements to create dynamic and effective learning environments.

Phil’s innovative use of ChatGPT for his daughter’s education serves as a call to action for educators and parents to explore AI’s potential in creating impactful educational experiences. In a world where AI is reshaping various aspects of our lives, Phil’s story showcases the possibilities when AI and entrepreneurial parents converge. By leveraging AI, educators and parents can enhance traditional teaching methods and prepare students for the future. The success of Izzy in helping Daisy improve her math skills is a testament to the power of AI in personalized education.

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