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Matteo Jorgenson, a member of Visma-Lease a Bike, believes that Mathieu van der Poel will be the man to beat at the Tour of Flanders but insists that his team can never be ruled out of contention. With Wout van Aert injured, the focus for Visma will be on Jorgenson heading into the race on Sunday. However, he admits that the team has yet to finalize their plans following Van Aert’s absence as they continue to adjust their strategy.

At a pre-race press conference, Jorgenson revealed that the team is still working on a new plan with the current riders in the lineup, focusing on playing off of Alpecin’s strategy during the race. He acknowledged that Van der Poel is considered the clear favourite, but remains confident in his team’s abilities, emphasizing that they should not be discounted in the race. Despite acknowledging Van der Poel’s superiority as a rider, Jorgenson expressed confidence in his own capabilities and the team’s potential to perform well at the Monument.

Jorgenson highlighted Van der Poel’s exceptional qualities as a rider, acknowledging his superiority in theoretical terms. However, he remained optimistic about his own chances and the team’s prospects, believing that they have a good chance to compete effectively at the Tour of Flanders. Reflecting on his recent successes at Paris-Nice and Dwars door Vlaanderen, Jorgenson expressed his confidence in his form and performance in the upcoming race, emphasizing his new levels of confidence and determination.

Despite recognizing Van der Poel’s strengths as a rider, Jorgenson remained realistic about the challenges ahead and his need to give his best performance on Sunday. He acknowledged that anything can happen in a bike race, but expressed his confidence in his abilities and in his team’s potential to succeed at the Tour of Flanders. Jorgenson also mentioned his newfound confidence in his abilities following recent races, highlighting his optimism and determination to perform at his best.

In a recent victory at Paris-Nice, Jorgenson secured the general classification title, showcasing his talent and potential as a competitive rider. As the focus shifts to the Tour of Flanders, Jorgenson remains determined to give his best performance and compete against top riders like Van der Poel. With his team’s support and strategic planning, Jorgenson is poised to make an impact at the upcoming Monument and continue his successes in the cycling world.

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