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Despite being incarcerated, Tory Lanez has managed to land a new hit single with his song “Traphouse” debuting on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart at No. 23. This marks Lanez’s twenty-seventh hit on the chart and his first debut in over a year. The track, featuring rapper NYCE, is the only new entry on this week’s chart, which has seen a quiet period for R&B music in America. The chart also sees a new No. 1 with 4Batz and Drake’s “Act II: Date @ 8” taking the top spot.

Although “Traphouse” is not a new release, having originally appeared in 2015 on Lanez’s project The New Toronto, it has now found its way to the Hot R&B Songs chart. Additionally, Lanez’s album Alone at Prom has returned to the Billboard 200 at No. 196 and the Top R&B Albums list at No. 24. Despite his legal troubles and imprisonment, Lanez’s music continues to perform well.

Lanez is currently serving a ten-year prison sentence following his conviction for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot several years ago. Despite being behind bars, he has managed to maintain a presence on the music charts with “Traphouse” and the resurgence of his album’s success. The Canadian musician is not expected to be released for a number of years, but his music is still resonating with listeners.

The success of “Traphouse” on the Hot R&B Songs chart comes at a time when R&B music has been fairly quiet in America. The track’s debut marks a significant moment for Lanez, who has faced backlash and legal consequences for his past actions. Despite these challenges, his music continues to connect with audiences and climb the charts, showcasing his enduring popularity and talent as a musician.

As one of the only new entries on the Hot R&B Songs chart this week, “Traphouse” stands out among a list of established hits and rising stars. The track’s collaboration with NYCE and Lanez’s signature sound have contributed to its success, landing him another hit on the Billboard charts. Despite his current circumstances, Lanez remains focused on his music and his fans, delivering new music and maintaining his presence in the industry.

With his recent hit single “Traphouse” debuting on the Hot R&B Songs chart and his album Alone at Prom re-entering the Billboard rankings, Tory Lanez continues to make waves in the music industry despite his incarceration. The success of his latest releases underscores his talent and ability to connect with listeners, solidifying his reputation as a prominent figure in R&B music. Lanez’s staying power and resilience in the face of adversity demonstrate his commitment to his craft and his determination to overcome obstacles in pursuit of his music career.

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