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Pimple patches have become a popular trend, thanks to Gen Z, who have embraced them as a style statement. These patches are not only trendy but also offer real benefits when it comes to skincare, including unclogging pores, absorbing excess oil, and reducing inflammation. Dermatologists agree that pimple patches can be effective in managing breakouts and preventing further irritation or scarring. Vogue has curated a list of the best pimple patches available in the market, suitable for wearing during the day or overnight to clear up blemishes anywhere on the body.

The best overall pimple patch, according to Vogue, is the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original. This patch uses hydrocolloid technology to absorb excess fluid and oil from the pimple, promoting faster healing and reducing inflammation. CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch is recommended for reducing redness and protecting the blemish from bacteria, while Rael Beauty Miracle Patch is praised for being almost invisible and working in as little as four hours. Other top picks include Peace Out 2% Salicylic Acid Early-Stage Acne Dot, ZitSticka Killa Kit Deep Zit Microdart Patch, and PanOxyl PM Overnight Spot Patches.

Pimple patches are small adhesive stickers designed to cover and protect the blemish while treating acne. They work by absorbing excess fluid and oil from the pimple, which reduces swelling and redness. Some patches also contain active ingredients like salicylic acid to unclog pores and reduce oil production. By creating a barrier, pimple patches prevent touching and picking at the blemish, reducing the risk of scarring and infection. Overall, pimple patches offer a discreet and effective way to manage breakouts while aiding the skin’s natural healing process.

According to dermatologist Dr. Brooke Jeffy, pimple patches are great for managing a few rogue pimples and deterring picking, which can lead to scarring. However, she advises seeing a dermatologist for painful, scarring acne or severe breakouts rather than relying solely on pimple patches. It is recommended to leave pimple patches on for 6 to 12 hours to allow them to effectively absorb excess oil and promote faster healing. Dermatologists like Dr. Marisa Garshick also recommend pimple patches for their ability to create a moist environment that aids in the healing process.

In addition to their skincare benefits, some pimple patches have become a viral trend on platforms like TikTok, with celebrities like Hailey Bieber endorsing them. Brands like Starface Hydro-Star Pimple Patches and ZitSticka Killa Kit Deep Zit Microdart Patch offer stylish options for fighting acne while delivering targeted ingredients deep into the skin. Good Molecules Pimple Patches are praised for being ultrathin and suitable for wearing under makeup, making them ideal for daytime use. The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch and Neogen A-Clear Soothing Clear Patch Spot are recommended for body acne treatment and waterproof protection, respectively.

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