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Fidium Fiber is considered the best internet provider in Roseville, California, offering the fastest speeds and symmetrical upload and download speeds. They do not have data caps, equipment fees, or contracts. Xfinity is the cheapest internet provider in Roseville, with plans starting at $20 per month, although prices increase significantly after a year or two. T-Mobile and Verizon also offer wireless plans in Roseville, providing great discounts when bundled with a cellphone plan. CNET evaluates internet service providers in Roseville based on speed, pricing, customer service, and overall value.

While Fidium Fiber offers fast and symmetrical upload and download speeds with unlimited data on all plans, Xfinity is available almost everywhere in Roseville with starting plans as low as $20 per month. Wireless internet from T-Mobile and Verizon is another good option for smaller households, although speeds may not be as fast as cable or fiber connections. CNET’s evaluation of internet providers includes referencing a proprietary database built over years of reviewing services, as well as verifying information by spot-checking local addresses for service availability.

CNET’s evaluation process for internet providers in Roseville has some limitations, including variable pricing and speed data that may differ based on addresses and service tiers. The best way to identify specific options is to plug an address into a provider’s website. Prices and speeds listed in the evaluation may differ from what is found in research, as the displayed data includes the full range of pricing and speed across the US. Discounts for setting up automatic payments, signing term contracts, or bundling services may also be available.

The best internet deals and promotions in Roseville depend on what discounts are available at a given time. Providers like Xfinity and T-Mobile Home Internet may offer lower introductory pricing or streaming add-ons for a limited time, while others like Fidium Fiber and Starlink maintain standard pricing year-round. The fastest internet plans in Roseville are offered by Fidium Fiber, with speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps. Recommendations for internet providers are based on access to fast speeds, value for price, and customer satisfaction.

In terms of the cheapest internet plans in Roseville, Xfinity offers plans starting at $20 per month, while Fidium Fiber offers plans starting at $25 per month. For those looking for the fastest plans, Fidium Fiber provides speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps. When considering internet speed, it is important to evaluate the recommended minimum download speeds for various applications to ensure a smooth online experience. Ultimately, the best internet provider in Roseville will depend on individual needs and preferences.

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