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Louisville, Kentucky offers some of the fastest internet options in the US, with Ookla’s data ranking it among the top 10 cities for median download speeds. AT&T Fiber is the top choice for most residents, although other providers like T-Mobile, Spectrum, and Viasat also offer reliable internet options. With fiber, 5G, and cable connections available, unlimited data plans are also on offer. Prices range from $50 to $80 per month for speeds ranging from 300 to 1,000 Mbps.

AT&T Fiber is considered the best internet provider in Louisville, offering simple pricing without surprise fees, unlimited data, and no contract requirements. Spectrum also offers competitive pricing with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. AT&T Fiber has the fastest average speeds in the area, around 261 Mbps, making it a popular choice for residents. T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet is also expanding coverage rapidly in the Louisville area, offering speeds between 72 to 245 Mbps. For those in rural areas outside the city, Viasat provides reliable internet options with speeds ranging from 12 to 150 Mbps.

Louisville has several other ISPs available besides the recommended ones, such as Earthlink and Kinetic by Windstream, with various DSL, fiber, and 5G plans starting at $40 per month. Most providers in Louisville offer internet plans starting around $50 per month, and few require equipment fees. Customers can also take advantage of bundled services for cheaper rates. For those needing high-speed internet for work and streaming video, AT&T Fiber is the top choice, while satellite service provides affordable options for rural customers.

AT&T Fiber, Spectrum, and Verizon 5G offer some of the fastest internet speeds in Louisville, with AT&T Fiber providing speeds up to 5,000 Mbps. Spectrum and Verizon 5G offer speeds up to 940 Mbps as well. T-Mobile and Verizon 5G Home Internet provide lower-cost, high availability options for residents. CNET chooses the best internet providers based on pricing, speed, availability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that residents have reliable and fast internet options in Louisville.

Residents in Louisville can access free Wi-Fi at locations like public libraries, and those in low-income households may qualify for affordable internet plans through programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program. Overall, Louisville offers a range of fast and reliable internet options, with AT&T Fiber leading the way in terms of speed and value for money. Customers can choose from a variety of providers to find the plan that best fits their needs and budget in the River City.

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