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The best internet provider in Kentucky is Spectrum, offering cable internet with no data caps or contracts to more than half of the state. Fiber internet options are split between Kinetic by Windstream and AT&T Fiber, offering plans with speeds up to 5,000Mbps and potentially up to 8,000Mbps. Xfinity provides the cheapest internet plan starting at $20 for speeds up to 150Mbps, while Mediacom, Metronet, T-Mobile, and Verizon are other options for affordable internet in Kentucky. CNET evaluates internet providers based on speeds, pricing, customer service, and value, using a proprietary database and spot-checking local addresses for service availability.

The evaluation process may have limitations due to variable pricing and speed data, so plugging in your address on a provider’s website is the best way to identify options. Prices, speeds, and other information may differ from what is found in the research, and discounts or promotions may be available for specific terms or bundling services. Various providers in Kentucky offer different technologies such as DSL, fiber, cable, and fixed wireless, with monthly prices ranging from $20 to $250. Utilizing fixed wireless or DSL may be necessary for rural areas with limited wired options.

Cheaper internet options in Kentucky start at $20 to $30 per month from providers like Xfinity, Mediacom, and Metronet. Promotions and discounts offered by providers like AT&T Fiber, Kinetic, and Spectrum may vary, with introductory pricing or incentives available at times. Kentucky ranks 20th in the US for internet speeds, with median download speeds averaging 191Mbps. Different cities in Kentucky have varying internet options, and the choice between cable, fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless depends on availability and speed requirements.

Spectrum is recommended as the top internet provider in Kentucky for its broad coverage and simple pricing structure, while AT&T Fiber and Kinetic are preferred for high-value fiber connections. Xfinity offers the cheapest plan, T-Mobile Home Internet is a new and promising option for rural areas, and DSL or satellite internet may be the only choices in some regions. It’s essential to explore all internet options in Kentucky to find the best fit for your needs, whether you’re in a rural or urban area.

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