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3D printing has become a popular hobby for many people, thanks to the availability of budget-friendly 3D printers. These printers can be purchased for less than $200, making it an accessible hobby for many. However, in order to start printing, you will need filament, which can range in price from less than $20 to hundreds of dollars. Buying filament in bulk is often necessary to save money in the long run. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some of the best deals on filament available.

Elegoo offers a bulk discount on black PLA filament, with each roll costing only $11. This is a great option for those who need a large amount of filament for a big project or for repeat prints. Buying ten rolls for $110 can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. James Bricknell from CNET recommends Burnt Titanium PLA filament, which he has on a subscription from Amazon. It comes in a variety of colors and is currently on sale for around $21. The unique mix of colors gives prints a smooth finish without the need for post-processing.

More experienced printers may be interested in Overture PETG filament, which is known for its heat resistance and is compatible with most FDM printers. While it is a bit harder to work with than PLA filament, it offers the benefit of ABS filaments without the toxic fumes. Currently on sale for $19 on Amazon, there is an additional 10% off coupon available, saving you $7. Creality’s rainbow PLA filament is a great option for creating models like vases, with an interesting transition of colors that adds a unique touch to prints. Additionally, flexible filament is on sale at Amazon, making it a great option for creating wearable items without the risk of cracking.

In conclusion, there are various options available for purchasing filament for your 3D printer, with discounts and deals that can help save you money. Whether you are looking for a specific color, composition, or type of filament, there are options available for every budget and need. Investing in filament in bulk can be a cost-effective option for those who plan to do a lot of printing, and taking advantage of discounts and sales can help you save even more. With the right filament, you can create a wide range of projects, from toys to jewelry and more, making 3D printing a versatile and enjoyable hobby for many.

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