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Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards celebrate the grocer’s best products each year, offering insights into their most-loved foods. While some favorites didn’t make the list due to personal preferences and not every shopper trying every product, we researched to find highly-rated items across the web. The best-loved products include Trader Joe’s hashbrowns, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Carne Asada, Jicama Tortillas, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend, Everything But the Bagel Salmon, Unexpected Cheddar Cheese, and Everything and the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip.

Trader Joe’s hashbrowns were voted the best breakfast or brunch product in the Customer Choice Awards and are praised for their taste in various cooking methods. The Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups have a perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter, leading them to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Carne Asada offers a convenient and affordable shortcut to homemade steak dishes, while Jicama Tortillas provide a low-cost and healthy alternative for wraps.

The Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend is a versatile and popular product that enhances a variety of dishes, earning high ratings across various platforms. Everything But the Bagel Salmon, known for its savory and salty flavor, is rich in nutrients and perfect for both keto and non-keto diets. Unexpected Cheddar Cheese, a unique blend of sharp cheddar with a buttery richness, was inducted into the Product Hall of Fame this year due to its distinct flavor profile.

Everything and the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip is a creamy and bold-flavored dip that has garnered top ratings for its unique taste. Lastly, the Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips were voted as the Best Snack and Best Overall Item in the Customer Choice Awards, delivering a satisfying kick and serving as an excellent vehicle for various dips. Trader Joe’s offers a wide range of highly-rated products perfect for snacks, easy meals, and special occasions like Easter brunch, making it a go-to grocery store for quality and affordable options.

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