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Traveling with kids can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding as you get to see new places and cultures through their eyes. As a parent of two young children, the author shares their experience of traveling with a newborn while nursing. They had previously made a commitment to not let kids stop them from traveling, and found that with some planning and the right essentials, it is possible to nurse while traveling. The author shares six essentials that made nursing while traveling through various locations feasible, including a portable breast pump, freeze-dried breast milk, a double-duty travel bag, breast pump cleaning wipes, a reusable storage container, and wet/dry bags for various uses.

One essential item for nursing while traveling is a portable breast pump with a rechargeable battery, allowing for flexibility and the ability to pump on the go without being tethered to an outlet. Brands like Willow Go Wearable Breast Pump and Spectra 9 Portable & Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump are lightweight and designed to fit seamlessly into a bra. Another helpful product for traveling mothers is freeze-dried breast milk, such as Leche, which turns breast milk into powdered form for convenience and longevity, lasting up to three years.

A double-duty travel bag is a must-have for nursing mothers traveling with kids, as it allows for carrying all the necessary items in one convenient place. Investing in a high-quality and stylish baby bag, like the Prada Re-Nylon baby bag or the Lululemon New Parent Tote Bag, can make a significant difference in ease of travel. Breast pump cleaning wipes are also essential for quick and efficient cleaning of pump parts while on the go, ensuring hygiene and convenience without the need for a sink or restroom.

For storing pumped breast milk while traveling, a reusable storage container or a travel mug with a good seal is recommended. Proper storage of breast milk is important, and containers like Ceres Chill and Willow Portable Breast Milk Cooler are designed to keep milk fresh for several hours. Additionally, wet/dry bags come in handy for storing various items while traveling, from pump parts to dirty clothes and electronic devices. Brands like Mushie and Calpak offer a variety of sizes for different uses, making organization and cleanliness easier while on the move.

In conclusion, nursing while traveling with kids is certainly challenging, but with the right essentials and some planning, it can be manageable. The author’s experience of traveling with a newborn while nursing led them to discover key items that made the process smoother and more convenient. By investing in a portable breast pump, freeze-dried breast milk, a double-duty travel bag, breast pump cleaning wipes, a reusable storage container, and wet/dry bags, nursing mothers can travel with confidence and ensure their baby’s feeding needs are met while on the go. With the right tools and preparation, traveling with young children and nursing can be an enriching and fulfilling experience for both parent and child.

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