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Legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady recently showed some family pride on social media, praising his niece Maya Brady for her impressive performance as a UCLA softball player. Maya hit two home runs during a game against Washington, bringing her total to 62 homers in her college career and ranking her third all-time in program history. Tom Brady shared his excitement on Instagram, saying, “Sorry peeps it just runs in the family. LFG!!!” This is not the first time Tom Brady has publicly praised Maya for her athletic achievements, as he has previously called her “the most dominant athlete in the Brady family.”

Maya Brady, the eldest daughter of Tom Brady’s sister Maureen, comes from a competitive family where the drive to succeed is strong. She spoke about the intense competition within the Brady family, saying, “You literally have to compete to survive in this family.” Maya is known for her strong competitive spirit and hopes to lead the UCLA softball team to a national title this season. Despite facing tough competition from Washington, the Bruins have a solid record of 18-8, with Maya hitting eight home runs so far this season after hitting a career-high of 18 in the previous year.

Tom Brady’s admiration for Maya’s athletic abilities has been evident throughout her college softball career. In 2021, Brady praised Maya as the most dominant athlete in the family, showcasing his support for her achievements on social media. A viral clip from 2022 showed Maya imitating her uncle’s signature fist pump after hitting a homer, leading Tom Brady to joke about the shared passion for celebration running in the family. Despite the tough competition and pressure to succeed, Maya continues to excel on the field and is determined to help her team achieve success in the upcoming season.

The Brady family is known for their competitiveness and drive to succeed, with Maya Brady embodying these traits as a standout athlete in her own right. Tom Brady’s support and encouragement for Maya’s softball career have been evident through his social media posts and public praise for her achievements on the field. Maya’s success as a UCLA softball player has been remarkable, with her ranking third all-time in program history for home runs. As Maya continues to push herself and her team toward a national title, the Brady family’s competitive spirit and love for the game are evident in her dedication and drive to succeed.

Maya Brady’s impressive performance on the softball field has garnered attention and praise from her uncle, NFL legend Tom Brady, who has publicly shown his support for her accomplishments. Maya’s success as a UCLA softball player reflects her dedication and competitive spirit, traits that are shared among the Brady family members. With a strong record and aspirations for winning a national title, Maya continues to showcase her talent and determination on the field, earning admiration from her family and fans alike. As Maya Brady continues to excel in her college softball career, her commitment to success and competitive nature serve as inspiration for other aspiring athletes looking to follow in her footsteps.

In conclusion, Maya Brady’s athletic achievements have not gone unnoticed by her uncle Tom Brady, who has praised her success on social media and shown his support for her career as a UCLA softball player. Maya’s competitive spirit and dedication to the game mirror the values of the Brady family, known for their drive to succeed and passion for competition. As Maya continues to excel on the field and lead her team toward a potential national title, her talent and determination serve as a source of inspiration for fellow athletes and fans alike. With the support of her family and fans, Maya Brady is poised to achieve even greater success in her college softball career and beyond.

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