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Josh Wardle created the popular online word game Wordle, which has been played by people worldwide since its launch in October 2021. The game features over 1,000 daily puzzles with a word bank large enough to last until late 2027, providing players with plenty of challenges to solve. Wardle decided to limit players to only one puzzle per day to prevent them from binging on the game and to give Wordle longevity. This decision was influenced by the game Spelling Bee from The New York Times, which also restricts users to one puzzle every 24 hours.

Wardle explained that he initially created a prototype of Wordle in 2013, which allowed endless play. However, he found that unlimited play resulted in players losing interest after a short period, as they would play for a while and then move on to something else. By restricting the number of daily puzzles, Wardle aimed to keep players engaged without taking over their lives. The short gameplay time of around five minutes for each puzzle also sets Wordle apart from typical mobile games that are designed to keep users engaged at all times.

Each day, Wordle presents players with a new challenge, with clues to help them solve the puzzle. For example, one recent puzzle required players to guess a woman’s name with a specific set of criteria, such as being a noun with one repeated letter, one vowel, and ending with the letter “Y.” The most common number of guesses needed to solve a Wordle puzzle is four attempts, according to Wordsrated. Wardle himself admitted that he often needs at least that many tries to solve the daily puzzles, highlighting the challenge even for the game’s creator.

Newsweek has embraced the challenge of offering unconventional insights and fostering connections among its readers in its coverage of Wordle and other topics. As players continue to enjoy solving Wordle puzzles each day, the game remains a popular choice for those seeking a brief yet engaging mental exercise. With Wardle’s deliberate decision to limit daily gameplay, Wordle has successfully captured and retained the interest of its global audience, offering a unique approach to online word games. As players strive to improve their skills and solve each day’s puzzle, Wordle continues to provide a simple yet rewarding experience for puzzle enthusiasts.

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