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Bitcoin and Ether are consolidating close to two-week highs, with traders turning to the on-chain shitcoin markets to find top crypto gainers. On-chain markets involve digital assets issued directly on top of an existing blockchain, such as the Shiba Inu token on Ethereum. These markets are filled with scams and pump-and-dump schemes, but they are where tokens can rally in the 50-100x region. Traders are monitoring the top gainers on Ethereum, such as Voidz and Shiva Inu, which have seen significant gains but also come with concerning smart contract aspects that suggest they could be scams.

Voidz has experienced a significant pump since its launch two days ago, with gains of around 135,000% in the past 24 hours. However, the token has concerning aspects to its smart contract that indicate it could be a scam, such as modifiable taxes and pausable transfers. Shiva Inu, another recently launched token, has also seen substantial gains but has similar concerning smart contract aspects. Traders in the shitcoin markets must exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough due diligence before investing, as these are highly risky and dangerous markets.

Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) is another token that has seen a significant increase in value since launching on Ethereum, with gains of 13,000%. The token’s market cap has reached close to $3 million with $1 million in trading volumes and $427,000 in locked liquidity. However, the issuer retains the power to change the token’s tax, which poses a risk to investors. Investing in low-cap shitcoins is a risky strategy, as these projects can easily turn out to be scams, and price fluctuations can be significant. Another risky strategy that offers potentially better risk-reward is getting involved in crypto presales, where investors secure tokens of high-potential crypto projects at discounted early prices.

Crypto presales involve investing in up-and-coming projects and protocols at discounted early prices, with the potential for significant gains. While there are risks involved, savvy presale investors can secure gains of 10x or more. With hundreds of presale projects in the market, analysts have identified 14 presale projects with high potential. However, it is essential to understand that investing in crypto is a high-risk asset class, and readers should conduct their research and consider the risks before investing. This information is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Investors could potentially lose all of their capital when investing in crypto assets.

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