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Tiger Woods struggled in the second round of the PGA Championship, ultimately missing the cut at 7-over par. Woods had a rough start with two early blowup holes that dashed his hopes of playing through the weekend. Despite finishing his first round 1-over par, Woods was not able to recover from the setbacks in the second round. Since finishing second in the event in 2018, the tournament has not been kind to Woods as he has struggled to make the cut in recent years. This year marks just the 13th time Woods has missed the cut at a major, with nine of those occurrences happening since 2015.

Woods faced challenges early on in the second round with a triple bogey on the par-4 second hole followed by another triple bogey on the fourth hole after getting stuck in a sand trap. Although he showed some brilliance with back-to-back birdies on the seventh and eighth holes, Woods struggled with bogeys on the 11th and 12th before finishing the day with a birdie on the 18th to shoot 6-over 77. This performance is a far cry from his previous success at Valhalla, where he won the PGA Championship nearly 24 years ago.

Scottie Scheffler’s arrest early Friday morning on his way to Valhalla added a controversial element to the tournament. Despite being detained and facing multiple charges, including assault of a police officer, Scheffler managed to shoot a 5-under 66 in the second round, putting him in contention just two shots behind the leader. Scheffler’s impressive performance on the course contrasted with the legal issues he faced off the course, highlighting a dramatic turn of events at the PGA Championship.

Woods’ struggles at the PGA Championship in recent years have been compounded by his lackluster performances and missed cuts. Since 2013, Woods has only finished four rounds at the tournament twice and has encountered difficulty making the cut in subsequent years. Despite his storied career and past successes at majors, Woods has faced challenges in recent years, including a last-place finish at The Masters. Woods’ withdrawal from multiple tournaments and low rankings in recent events reflect a decline in his overall performance on the course.

The projected cut line at the PGA Championship was set at 1-under par, leaving Woods at 7-over par well above the cut. Woods’ disappointing performance in the second round sealed his fate as he missed the cut and failed to qualify for the weekend. While he showed flashes of brilliance with birdies, Woods’ struggles on the course ultimately overshadowed any potential for a comeback. Woods’ missed cuts at majors have become more frequent in recent years, highlighting the challenges he faces in competing at the highest level against a new generation of talented golfers.

The tournament at Valhalla was marked by Woods’ disappointing performance and Scheffler’s controversial arrest, creating a mix of drama both on and off the course. While Woods struggled to make the cut, Scheffler managed to overcome legal issues to put himself in contention with a strong showing in the second round. The contrasting stories of Woods and Scheffler at the PGA Championship underscore the unpredictable nature of sports and the unexpected twists that can occur during a major tournament. Despite facing setbacks, Woods and Scheffler’s experiences at Valhalla serve as a reminder of the highs and lows that come with competitive golf at the highest level.

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