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Jason Foodman, an experienced fintech executive with a passion for AI dating back to his Master’s thesis, serves as a strategic advisor at Oxzeon. With AI being used in an increasing number of areas to solve real-world problems and enhance human experiences, many companies and individuals are exploring its potential benefits. However, it is essential to consider the appropriate use of AI, as its application may not always be suitable in certain circumstances.

One example where caution is advised is in the use of AI for crafting replies on platforms like LinkedIn. While AI-based tools have advanced significantly, automated replies may still lack the personal touch and emotional depth of human-written responses. A recent incident on LinkedIn highlighted this issue, where several individuals were publicly called out for using AI-generated replies that sounded generic and robotic. Thus, it is important to ensure that AI is used thoughtfully and not at the expense of genuine human interaction.

In situations where expertise and personal opinions are being communicated, it is crucial to rely on individual understanding and insight rather than AI-generated content. While AI can assist in generating summaries or briefs, the essence of personal expertise and thought leadership should not be diluted by machine-written content. Sharing one’s unique perspectives and insights in a clear and authentic manner is essential for effective communication and establishing credibility.

Moreover, there are certain areas, such as moral and medical decisions, where AI may not be suitable for use. AI generates information based on data without considering morals, ethics, or emotions, making it unsuitable for making ethical decisions. In the medical field, relying solely on AI for diagnosing conditions may not always be reliable due to limitations in data sources and the need for human expertise in interpreting medical information accurately.

While AI offers many benefits when used thoughtfully, there have been instances where its application has led to missteps and negative outcomes. It is important for individuals and businesses to carefully consider the implications of using AI in various contexts and be mindful of potential risks. By applying a degree of caution and thoughtfulness in utilizing AI technology, it can be a valuable tool for enhancing processes and decision-making, while avoiding potential pitfalls or dangerous consequences.

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