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Former president Donald Trump has accumulated over $80 million in legal bills as he faces multiple criminal trials and civil cases. Seven lawyers have each made at least $3.5 million representing Trump, with the highest-paid lawyer reaping nearly $12 million. These lawyers have collectively earned $45 million in fees in the past few years, with more expected to come. However, the legal fees have not been paid directly from Trump’s funds but primarily from Save America PAC, a leadership political action committee affiliated with the former president.

Save America PAC has spent $69.4 million on Trump’s legal fees since its formation directly after the election in November 2020. Another Trump-affiliated PAC, Make America Great Again, has also spent $18.4 million on legal consulting since January 2021. More than 75 law firms have been paid by these PACs. The percentage spent on legal fees by Save America PAC is growing, with more than $5 million of the $7.2 million spent in February dedicated to legal expenses. As Trump still faces criminal trials and ongoing civil cases, the amount owed to his lawyers is expected to increase.

Trump’s highest-paid lawyers include Christopher Kise, Clifford S. Robert, Alina Habba, Harmeet Dhillon, Jesse Binnall, John F. Lauro, and Evan Corcoran. These lawyers have received significant payments from Save America, Make America Great Again PAC, and Trump’s main campaign fund for representing him in various legal cases. For example, Kise and his associates at Chris Kise & Associates and Continental PLLC have collectively earned $11.9 million for representing Trump in civil fraud and federal criminal cases.

Alina Habba, a New Jersey-based lawyer, has represented Trump in various civil lawsuits, including defamation cases and the New York civil fraud trial. Despite facing sanctions for her representation in certain cases, Habba has received $6.9 million from Save America PAC and an additional $346,000 from Make America Great Again PAC. Trump’s campaign lawyers, Dhillon Law Group and Binnall Law Group, have also been paid significant amounts for their representation in cases concerning Trump’s presidential candidacy and other legal matters.

John F. Lauro, representing Trump in the federal criminal case alleging election interference, has been paid $4 million by Save America PAC. Evan Corcoran, who represented Trump in a case involving classified White House documents, has received $3.7 million for his legal services. Corcoran left Trump’s legal team after being implicated in the indictment against Trump, and he could be called as a witness at trial. Despite the high legal fees paid to Trump’s lawyers, the former president continues to face legal challenges that are expected to result in further expenses for his defense team.

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