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In a viral video, Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of John F. Kennedy and son of Caroline Kennedy, criticizes Robert F. Kennedy Jr., calling him a liar and endorsing Joe Biden. Schlossberg’s videos, in which he does impressions of fictional voters, align him with other members of the Kennedy family who denounce RFK Jr. This public denouncement highlights a split within the legendary political dynasty over various issues, including the current presidential campaign. Furthermore, the Kennedy family wealth is distributed unevenly among its numerous branches, with Schlossberg likely set to receive a larger windfall than RFK Jr.

The Kennedy family fortune traces back to patriarch Joe P. Kennedy, who amassed his wealth through finance, movies, and real estate. Following his death, complex trusts were established to protect the family’s assets and provide for future generations, with Time magazine noting in 1969 that the fortune would be managed strategically to preserve the family’s legacy and support the rising generation of Kennedys. These trusts form the foundation of the vast Kennedy family fortune, estimated at $1.2 billion in 2015.

Considering the distribution of inheritance, Robert F. Kennedy had 11 children, while John F. Kennedy had just one, Caroline. As a result, financial disclosures show that Caroline Kennedy possesses hundreds of assets, including some valued between $5 million and $25 million, whereas RFK Jr.’s assets are fewer in number and generally valued lower. Given the number of living descendants, Robert Kennedy’s share of the inheritance was likely divided among more family members than his siblings’, with RFK Jr.’s estimated net worth at around $15 million.

JFK’s branch of the family is smaller, with just two surviving children: Caroline and JFK Jr., who tragically died in a plane crash. Caroline’s inheritance is presumed to be larger due to her mother’s subsequent marriage to Aristotle Onassis, a Greek tycoon who left her a substantial annual payment. This ensures that Caroline holds a significant portion of the Kennedy fortune, which has remained relatively intact and passed down through the generations. Despite the family’s wealth, there has been no official response from the Kennedy campaign, Caroline Kennedy, or Schlossberg regarding these financial matters.

In addition to the Kennedy siblings, the family tree includes more living heirs such as Jean Ann, Eunice, and Patricia Kennedy’s children, some of whom have ties to notable figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ted Kennedy, a liberal icon, also had three children and was reportedly worth millions at the time of his passing. Schlossberg, one of Caroline’s children, appears to be living a comfortable life, evident from his social media presence showcasing luxury travels and relaxation. In contrast, RFK Jr.’s career as a litigator, though successful, did not provide him with sufficient funds to support his presidential campaign, underscoring the differences in financial standing among Kennedy family members.

In conclusion, the Kennedy family’s complex history, financial fortune, and diverse branches have led to varying levels of wealth among its members. From the intricate trusts established by Joe P. Kennedy to the current distribution of assets among the descendants, the Kennedy legacy continues to impact individuals like Jack Schlossberg and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The differences in financial resources and opportunities within the family shed light on the complexities of inheritance, privilege, and public perception within one of America’s most renowned political dynasties.

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