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Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, signaling the start of a season full of possibilities. The Morning has compiled the best ideas and recommendations from The Times to help you plan your long weekend and the months ahead. From outdoor activities to political developments, there is a wide range of topics to explore.

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is engaging in controversial issues, such as Israel and immigration, despite previously courting progressives. While rates of violent crime have decreased in most U.S. cities, rising property crime has become a major election issue. In Montana, the voting intentions of wealthy out-of-state newcomers are impacting the Senate race this year. President Biden recently addressed West Point graduates, emphasizing their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution over their commander in chief.

Severe storms are forecasted across the U.S. while summer heat settles in the southern regions. Multiple deaths and missing climbers have been reported on Mount Everest since the beginning of the climbing season. The Sunday debate questions whether Justice Samuel Alito should recuse himself from cases related to the January 6, 2021, attack. Opinions vary on the matter, reflecting the ongoing debate about the role of justices in such cases.

The New York Times Editorial Board discusses the importance of organizations like the Fresh Air Fund in New York City, which educates children about nature and encourages them to dream big. There is also a civic obligation to protect America’s vast trail system, as highlighted by Justin Farrell and Steven Ring. Nicholas Kristof shares insights on the International Court of Justice ruling against Israel, while The Interview features Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, discussing the platform’s approach to content creation.

The New York Times Magazine delves into novels that focus on marginalized or vilified women of Greek mythology, offering a fresh perspective on classic tales. Book recommendations include “New Cold Wars” by David Sanger and Mary Brooks, among others. The Inside The Morning recommends stylish and durable linen sheets, as well as taking advantage of Memorial Day deals. The upcoming week features events such as the French Open tennis tournament, closing arguments for Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan, and the verdict in a national security trial against Hong Kong pro-democracy activists.

In conclusion, Memorial Day serves as a gateway to summer adventures and opportunities. The diverse range of topics covered in The Times offers insights into political developments, outdoor activities, literature, and entertainment. As the season unfolds, there are numerous opportunities to explore, learn, and engage with current events and cultural narratives. Whether it’s exploring nature, discussing justice issues, or enjoying a relaxing evening with a good book, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be informed about in the weeks ahead.

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