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Kylie Jenner has recently branched out into the world of canned cocktails with the launch of her vodka soda line called Sprinter. She flaunted her new venture at a celebration in West Hollywood, where she sported a sexy latex dress styled by the Grandquist sisters. The body-hugging black dress, paired with barely-there nude latex heels from Courrèges’s pre-fall 2024 collection, created a bombshell look that showcased Jenner’s commitment to the unconventional.

The inspiration behind Jenner’s footwear choice, the Courrèges collection by Nicolas Di Felice, was influenced by the homoerotic ’80s film Querelle and fetish-wear, giving off a daring and edgy vibe. The sheer nude latex heels resembled condoms, adding to the overall provocative aesthetic of Jenner’s outfit. Her willingness to embrace unconventional fashion choices, such as wearing pieces that nod to queer culture like the Ludovic de Saint Sernin dress she wore at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, showcases her dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new styles.

Jenner’s decision to pair her bombshell latex dress with bold, unconventional footwear highlights her effort to fully commit to her unique style. While it may have been easy for her to opt for more traditional stilettos, she chose to push the boundaries with footwear that aligns with the daring and sexy aesthetic of her outfit. By choosing heels that reflect the spirit of fetish-wear and nod to queer culture, Jenner demonstrates her willingness to take fashion risks and explore unconventional trends.

The launch of Sprinter, Jenner’s new line of canned cocktails, marks her entry into the alcohol market as she follows in the footsteps of her family members who have ventured into various business ventures. With this latest endeavor, Jenner is diversifying her business portfolio and tapping into the growing popularity of canned cocktails. By expanding her brand beyond cosmetics and fashion, Jenner is showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to adapt to trends in the market.

Jenner’s celebration in West Hollywood was a glamorous affair where she flaunted her new vodka soda line, Sprinter, and showcased her daring sense of style. The body-hugging black latex dress, styled by the Grandquist sisters, paired with sheer nude latex heels from Courrèges created a show-stopping look that exuded confidence and sex appeal. By embracing unconventional footwear that nods to fetish-wear, Jenner continues to push boundaries and experiment with her fashion choices.

Overall, Kylie Jenner’s foray into the world of canned cocktails with the launch of Sprinter, combined with her edgy and provocative fashion choices, demonstrates her willingness to take risks and explore new opportunities. Through her commitment to pushing boundaries in both business and fashion, Jenner continues to establish herself as a versatile entrepreneur and style icon. With her latest venture, Jenner is expanding her brand and appealing to a new audience while maintaining her reputation as a trendsetter in the worlds of beauty, fashion, and now, alcohol.

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