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Diablo 4 season 4 has been a rollercoaster ride for players since it launched a week ago. Many players, including the author, have been impressed by the changes to itemization and Helltides in the game. Despite some initial irritation with re-leveling early levels, the author’s level 99 character has surpassed their progress in the previous season. The difficulty curve seemed to have gone off the rails at one point, but overall, the season has gone well for the author.

As the author progresses deeper into the endgame, they have encountered challenge walls while playing as their Barbarian. They have reached impressive milestones such as crawling past 75 Nightmare dungeons and 35 Pits. In their spare time, they have also been able to solo bosses like Duriel and Andariel. While they may not be a pro player, the author is proud of their progress and appreciates how this season has pushed them further into the endgame.

One of the reasons why this season has been successful for the author is the thrill of chasing after gear upgrades. They specifically highlight their 64% move speed boots as an example of the fun in upgrading gear. Legendary gear now has the ability to drop with boosted stats up to 150%, making items more powerful right from the start. Players can also temper items, boosting stats even further, and masterwork items to add additional perks. This revamped loot system has transformed the endgame pursuit in Diablo 4.

Players are now able to enhance almost any item in the game to absurd levels by combining boosted perks, grinded-out masteries, and roll-based tempering. This aspect of the game adds a new layer of depth to the loot system and provides players with a rewarding endgame pursuit that was not present in previous seasons. The author encourages players to check out these new features in Diablo 4 season 4, despite the time it may take to fully explore and understand the changes. The improved loot system adds complexity and excitement to the game.

In conclusion, Diablo 4 season 4 has been a positive experience for the author and many players due to the changes in itemization and the revamped loot system. Players can now chase after powerful upgrades for their gear, leading to more rewarding endgame pursuits. Despite challenges like re-leveling early levels and hitting difficulty walls, players have been able to push further into the endgame and achieve impressive milestones. Overall, season 4 of Diablo 4 has been a success for many players, offering an exciting and engaging gameplay experience.

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