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Chrissy Taylor, the CEO of Enterprise, is leading the $35 billion car rental giant into the future of mobility. As the third generation of her family to run the company, Taylor is focused on testing new technologies, such as electric vehicles, while ensuring a smooth transition for customers. Unlike rival Hertz, which faced challenges with its aggressive push towards electrification, Enterprise is taking a more cautious approach.

Enterprise’s success over the years can be attributed to the Taylor family’s long-term vision and ownership of the company. Despite being a massive player in the industry, Enterprise remains privately owned and family-controlled, giving them the flexibility to invest in long-term growth without the pressures of public shareholders. This has allowed the company to outpace competitors like Hertz and Avis Budget Group and maintain a strong balance sheet.

As Taylor looks to expand Enterprise’s international footprint and grow its non-core businesses, her family’s ownership structure provides a unique advantage. Being able to invest for longer-term goals and objectives, rather than focusing on quarterly earnings, allows Enterprise to plan for decades ahead. This approach has helped the company become one of the best private companies in the world, according to industry experts.

Taylor’s journey to the top began with her entry-level role at Enterprise in 2000, where she worked her way up through various positions in the company. With the guidance of CEO Pam Nicholson, who served as a mentor to Taylor, she was able to prepare for the top job. When Taylor took over as CEO in 2020, she faced the challenges of the pandemic head-on, leading the company through a period of uncertainty and ultimately driving it to success.

Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Enterprise emerged stronger, with revenue up 35% since 2019. Taylor’s focus on customer safety and streamlined processes during the crisis helped the company maintain its position as a market leader. Looking ahead, Taylor is focused on expanding Enterprise’s international presence and growing its non-car rental businesses, under the new brand name Enterprise Mobility.

With the future in mind, Taylor is already thinking about the next generation of leadership at Enterprise. As the fourth generation of Taylors starts to come of age, the question of succession looms. Taylor’s dedication to the company and her vision for the future will shape the legacy of Enterprise for years to come. As she navigates the rapidly evolving landscape of mobility, Taylor continues to lead the company with a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and long-term growth.

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