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Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson have been together for more than two decades and have four children together. Although they are not legally married, Rudolph still refers to Anderson as her husband. They have worked together professionally in some of Anderson’s films, including Inherent Vice and Licorice Pizza, where their children also appeared in. Rudolph has praised Anderson’s directing skills and talent.

The couple first met in 2001, but the details of their initial connection remain private. Over the years, they have welcomed four children, with the most recent one named after Rudolph’s late mother. Rudolph has shared her experiences balancing motherhood with her career, including filming movies while pregnant. Despite not planning on having four kids, Rudolph feels grateful for her family and their health.

In a February 2018 Q&A, Anderson revealed that Rudolph taking care of him while he was sick inspired his film Phantom Thread. Rudolph, in turn, emphasized the importance of making an effort and being present in their relationship. The couple has attended events together, such as the Oscars in 2015 and 2022, showcasing their strong bond and support for each other in their respective careers.

Rudolph and Anderson’s professional collaborations have allowed them to combine their personal and work lives, creating a unique dynamic. From playing characters in Anderson’s films to attending award shows together, they have shared various experiences as a couple. Their children have also been involved in their projects, adding a familial element to their work.

In a 2021 film directed by Anderson, Rudolph and their children made appearances, showcasing their ability to work together as a family. Rudolph described the experience as “magical” and emphasized the beauty of being surrounded by loved ones while filming. Their collaborative efforts highlight their strong bond and shared passion for their craft.

In a 2024 interview, Rudolph mentioned that Anderson told her it was love at first sight when he saw her in a sketch. This revelation adds a romantic touch to their long-standing relationship and demonstrates the deep connection they share. Through their work and personal life, Rudolph and Anderson continue to show their love and commitment to each other and their family.

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