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A heartbreaking discovery was made at the Patti Dale Animal Shelter in Aldergrove, where two-year-old mixed-breed dog Luna was found abandoned over the weekend. Luna was tethered with a jacket and a harness, indicating that she was loved by her previous owner. Sarah Jones, the executive director of the Langley Animal Protection Society, described Luna as very scared and it took some time before staff could approach and untie her. It was later revealed that Luna was left at the shelter by a woman who needed to undergo medical treatment and could no longer care for her.

The Langley Animal Protection Society is currently dealing with a significant increase in pet abandonment, with close to 30 dogs looking for homes. Other shelters have reported a similar rise in surrendered pets, particularly larger breed dogs and puppies. The post-pandemic oversupply of pets is contributing to the problem, but the main reason cited by the society is the current state of the economy. Many people are facing financial struggles which are impacting their ability to care for their pets. Some are even living in their cars and reaching out for emergency housing for their animals.

The link between the well-being of people and animals is evident in the current situation, with individuals making desperate decisions due to their financial constraints. The Langley Animal Protection Society is urging anyone who can no longer care for their animal to reach out to their local shelter for help. They emphasize that animals will be accepted without judgment and efforts will be made to find them new homes. The society is committed to helping both animals and their owners navigate challenging circumstances, offering support and assistance in times of need.

In the case of Luna, the shelter was able to track down her owner after posting about her on Facebook. The woman who left Luna at the shelter explained her situation and the reason behind her decision. While it was a heartbreaking situation, the shelter staff are now focused on finding Luna a new home where she will be loved and cared for. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for communities to come together to support those who are struggling to care for their animals.

The story of Luna highlights the complex challenges facing both pets and their owners in the current economic climate. The Langley Animal Protection Society is working diligently to address the rise in pet abandonment and provide support to those in need. By raising awareness about the issue and offering resources to struggling pet owners, the society hopes to make a difference in the lives of animals like Luna who are caught in the midst of difficult circumstances. Their efforts to find Luna a new home reflect their dedication to ensuring that every animal receives the care and love they deserve.

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