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Satya Singh, a technology and startup leader based in Seattle, co-founded Scispot, a data infrastructure platform for biotech companies. His passion for data began at a young age, leading him to work for Expedia before venturing into the biotech industry.

After navigating travel data at Expedia, Singh recognized the untapped potential of data in the life sciences sector. This realization, combined with his brother’s expertise in biotech, inspired the creation of Scispot. The platform aims to bridge the gap between wet-lab and dry-lab data, ultimately improving data analysis in biotech.

Scispot quickly gained recognition, being accepted into Y Combinator’s summer 2021 batch. Through this experience, Singh learned the importance of prioritizing market feedback and building a solid foundation for the company. Despite challenges during the pandemic, the team at Scispot learned to operate remotely and focus on customer needs rather than just chasing funding.

Scispot positions itself as a middleware that connects various tools within a customer’s existing tech stack. Rather than being a single source of truth, the platform allows customers to build their own intellectual property and ensure compliance. It acts as a data lake house platform for modern biotech companies.

Singh offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs based on his own experiences. He emphasizes the importance of being adaptable to customer needs, building a strong business foundation, and surrounding oneself with smart individuals who can provide guidance and support. Singh encourages entrepreneurs to focus on teamwork and creating a business that can stand on its own.

For those interested in learning more about Scispot and Singh’s entrepreneurial journey, the Startup Project podcast episode featuring him provides insight into his experiences and the development of the data infrastructure platform for biotech companies. Singh’s story highlights the importance of leveraging data and technology to address gaps in various industries, ultimately driving innovation and growth.

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