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Reality TV stars Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor split this spring after almost 10 years together. The couple, who have a 3-year-old son named Cruz, had documented relationship struggles, including a cheating scandal, on multiple reality television series. Following the split, Taylor was seen having lunch with model Paige Woolen, leading to speculation about what drew them together and what may be pulling them apart. Cartwright is an Aquarius with a Virgo moon, while Taylor is a Cancer with an Aquarius moon.

Cartwright and Taylor had a fast-moving relationship from the start, with Cartwright relocating from Kentucky to Los Angeles to be with Taylor just two weeks after meeting. Their strong sun/moon connection provided an intense and immediate bond due to similarities in their astrological signs. However, despite this initial connection, the couple shared few other compatible placements astrologically. Taylor’s Cancer nature leads to moodiness and inconsistency, as evidenced by his behavior post-breakup, while Cartwright’s Aquarius traits reflect a mix of tradition and revolution.

The relationship between Cartwright and Taylor is characterized by an opposition between Cancer’s need for foundation and security and Aquarius’ desire for freedom and autonomy. Despite the difficulties in their relationship, Cartwright’s Venus in Capricorn indicates that she is attracted to situations that she believes will pay off in the long run. This loyalty likely played a role in her decision to stay with Taylor despite challenges. Additionally, her Venus placement, along with her Taurus Mars, explains the importance of sex in her relationship with Taylor and the bearing it had on their split.

As Cartwright experienced her Jupiter return at the time of the breakup, there are indications that her life may improve significantly post-split. Jupiter represents luck, growth, and abundance, and its presence could point to a positive shift for Cartwright in the aftermath of the split. In contrast, Taylor’s Venus in Cancer and Mars in Gemini suggest conflicting desires for a stable home life and excitement. This combination may contribute to his struggles with commitment and the chaotic energy that influences his decisions and behavior.

Ultimately, the astrological analysis of Cartwright and Taylor’s relationship points to their contrasting needs for security and freedom. While their bond was intense at the beginning due to shared astrological connections, their inherent differences in priorities and behaviors likely contributed to the challenges they faced. Moving forward, the hope is for both parties to find peace, love, and growth as they navigate their separate paths post-split.

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