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The May long weekend at Mactaquac Provincial Park marked the beginning of a busy camping season, with over two thirds of the sites booked. Park manager Kevin McWhirter noted that people from many areas, including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, and Quebec, were eager to get outside after a long winter. Visitors like Margaret Robertson from Fredericton had a great time, enjoying perfect weather and activities like going to the beach and setting up bouncy castles for the kids in their group. Donna Malone and her wife Sherry Huybers, who came from Halifax, were also pleased with their experience at the park, hoping for better weather than the previous season.

Matthew Jelley, the new owner of Jellystone Park in Woodstock, New Brunswick, is looking forward to his first season at the campground. He expressed that a happy guest wanting to return is what makes a successful season. Both Jelley and McWhirter agreed that weather plays a significant role in the success of the camping season. Good weather can lead to extended stays and higher chances of rebooking for the following year, while poor weather may cause people to shorten their trip. Fay Wright, who camped at Mactaquac Provincial Park with her family, advised newcomers to grab essential camping gear, food, and family for a fun outdoor experience.

The visitors’ positive experiences, such as perfect weather, enjoyable activities, and beautiful campground settings, contributed to a successful start to the camping season at Mactaquac Provincial Park. Margaret Robertson and her group had a fantastic weekend, while Donna Malone and Sherry Huybers appreciated the beauty of the park and expressed their hopes for better weather compared to the previous season. Additionally, Matthew Jelley of Jellystone Park is focusing on providing a great guest experience to ensure a successful first season at the campground. The impact of weather on the camping season was also highlighted, with good weather encouraging longer stays and repeat bookings.

The enthusiasm for camping and outdoor activities was evident among the visitors at Mactaquac Provincial Park, with many individuals and families coming from various locations to enjoy the May long weekend. The positive feedback from guests like Margaret Robertson, Donna Malone, and Sherry Huybers reflects the appeal of camping as a recreational activity. Matthew Jelley’s emphasis on guest satisfaction and the importance of weather conditions in shaping the season’s success further underscored the significance of providing a positive camping experience. Additionally, Fay Wright’s simple advice on camping essentials and the importance of family time highlighted the joy and relaxation that camping can bring.

As the camping season begins, various campgrounds like Mactaquac Provincial Park and Jellystone Park are gearing up to provide guests with memorable experiences in natural settings. The anticipation for good weather, enjoyable activities, and quality time with family and friends sets the stage for a successful season. The positive feedback and advice from visitors like Margaret Robertson, Donna Malone, Sherry Huybers, and Fay Wright offer valuable insights into the appeal of camping as a recreational choice. With a focus on guest satisfaction, beautiful surroundings, and the benefits of outdoor recreation, these campgrounds aim to create lasting memories for visitors throughout the season.

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