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Kevin, 32, and Michelle, 30, are facing financial struggles despite their high joint income of $216,000 per year. Their fixed costs, including a $3,700 mortgage, $3,342 in credit card debt payments, and $2,495 in auto loans, are preventing them from saving for the future. The couple has accumulated a total of $628,500 in debt, which is causing stress and concern for Michelle, especially with a baby on the way.

One of the couple’s primary issues is their spending habits, including impulse purchases and luxury items like expensive vacations and home renovations. However, Ramit Sethi, a money expert, emphasized that their debt payments are the root of their financial struggles. With fixed costs consuming 73% of their monthly income, Kevin and Michelle have little room for financial emergencies or saving. Sethi highlighted the need for the couple to work together to address their problems and set boundaries to prioritize financial security.

Sethi offered several suggestions for Kevin and Michelle to improve their financial situation gradually. He stressed the importance of working together, with Kevin taking a more active role in managing finances and Michelle supporting him in that effort. Setting boundaries and making conscious decisions about spending money on non-essential items was another key point. The couple recognized the need to prioritize their financial well-being and canceled plans for an expensive dinner under Sethi’s guidance.

In addition to addressing immediate financial issues, Kevin and Michelle need to think long-term and recognize that temporary circumstances like starting school or having a baby should not derail their efforts to improve their financial situation. Sethi encouraged the couple to stay committed to making changes over time, as achieving financial stability requires consistent effort and a shift in their dynamic. By making small adjustments and setting clear priorities, Kevin and Michelle can work towards a more secure financial future.

Overall, Kevin and Michelle’s financial challenges are rooted in their high fixed costs and debt payments, which are impeding their ability to save for the future. Sethi’s advice focuses on improving their money dynamic, setting boundaries, and thinking long-term to achieve financial stability gradually. By working together, making conscious decisions about spending, and staying committed to their financial goals, the couple can make positive changes and create a more secure financial foundation for themselves and their growing family.

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