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Riley Clubb, a serial entrepreneur, managed to create and launch a daily spiritual growth app called Seek using low-code and no-code AI tools. With limited coding experience, Clubb turned to chatGPT to create the app, which has garnered 500 downloads since its release in August on Apple and Google Play. The app offers personalized spiritual lessons and has received positive reviews from users who have found it helpful in their personal growth and reflection.

Having previously co-founded Harvust, an app for farms, and winning Farm Bureau Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021, Clubb had some entrepreneurial experience under his belt when he decided to develop Seek. Inspired by his journey with recovery from alcoholism and the importance of spirituality in his life, Clubb saw an opportunity to create an AI-powered spiritual advisor that could provide daily lessons tailored to each user. He believes that spiritual growth requires active effort and compares it to developing a muscle that needs to be trained and nurtured over time.

To create the content for Seek, Clubb compiled a collection of 50 books from various spiritual and religious traditions and used chatGPT to generate over 4,000 spiritual lessons. The app’s AI advisor interacts with users, offering personalized lessons based on their input and updates daily with new content to keep users engaged. Clubb also utilized chatGPT to set up the hosting of the app’s backend on Google Cloud, streamlining the development process and reducing costs associated with hiring developers.

In addition to chatGPT, Clubb used FlutterFlow, a low-code tool, to further develop the app and integrate cutting-edge AI features. By describing the results he was looking for to chatGPT, Clubb was able to utilize AI to generate the app’s content and features without having to write code himself. Despite some initial challenges, Clubb found that by carefully framing questions and input, he could maximize the quality of the output generated by chatGPT.

The affordability and efficiency of using AI tools allowed Clubb to bootstrap the development of Seek and avoid the need for fundraising or hiring additional team members. By leveraging AI technology, he was able to bring his vision for the app to life and provide a valuable resource for individuals seeking spiritual growth and reflection. Clubb envisions a future where low-code and no-code tools will continue to democratize app development, making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals with innovative ideas and concepts to bring to market.

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