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The French community in Madrid has found solace and unity in the Euro Cup amid political turmoil in France. With the rise of the far-right and a snap legislative election triggered by President Emmanuel Macron’s party’s defeat, French expatriates in Madrid have turned to football as a brief escape from the political storm. The Euros have brought the French expatriates together, with the excitement of the tournament overshadowing the political upheaval back home. French residents like Arthur Franzoli and Charlotte Charton see football as a unifying force that transcends politics and differences.

The French national team’s star player, Kylian Mbappé, has used his platform to urge his fellow citizens to vote against extremism, representing a part of France that is often marginalized. In Madrid, French expatriates see the footballers not just as athletes, but as role models. For some, like Charlotte Charton, the players’ opinions align with their own, making them strong examples worth following. Football matches during the Euros have become a rare opportunity for the French to sing in unison, showcasing a sense of unity that contrasts sharply with the divided electorate set to participate in the upcoming elections on 30 June.

At the French Consulate in Madrid, French citizens are preparing to vote in the upcoming legislative elections following the National Rally’s victory in the European elections. The appeal of the far right to some French voters, like Oriane Cosker explained, stems from a feeling of being abandoned by traditional parties. Despite low voter turnout in previous EU elections among the French electorate in Spain, there is a growing push to make their votes count in the upcoming legislative elections. Parties like Raphaël Glucksmann’s Popular Front are mobilizing to encourage more people to vote and have their voices heard in shaping France’s future.

Macron’s Renew party’s defeat in the European elections marked a significant shift in French politics, with the far-right National Rally gaining substantial support. In response, Macron announced the dissolution of the national assembly and the scheduling of a snap election on 30 June and 7 July. This drastic move aims to reassert control over France’s political future and address the growing influence of far-right parties like the National Rally. Leaders from opposing political parties, such as Marine Le Pen of the National Rally and Jean-Luc Mélenchon of France Unbowed, are gearing up for the legislative elections, with hopes of shaping the direction of the country.

As the French people navigate these crucial elections deciding the future of their country, the national team continues to compete in the Euros, bringing moments of joy and unity to fans around the world. The cheers and hopes for Les Bleus during the football tournament offer a temporary escape for the French from their political differences, highlighting the power of sports to unite people in times of division. Amidst political turmoil and uncertainty, the French community in Madrid finds solace and solidarity in their shared love for football and their national team, showing that even in challenging times, moments of unity and joy can still prevail.

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