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High-performance entrepreneurship requires finding the right balance between speed and dominance to lead your venture without ceding control to venture capitalists (VCs). A study of 85 billion-dollar entrepreneurs revealed that only 6% prioritized speed, while 94% chose dominance as their path to success. Entrepreneurs who prioritize speed risk losing control of their venture, being replaced by a professional CEO, and experiencing heavy dilution by VCs.

Those who prioritize dominance take off without VC, allowing them to keep control of their venture and dominate their industry. By avoiding or delaying VC funding, these entrepreneurs increase their chances of building a unicorn by 16 times and retain more wealth created compared to speed-seeking entrepreneurs. Staying in control and leading their own venture instead of letting someone else build it are key advantages of the dominance approach.

Billion-dollar entrepreneurs have used five key strategies to harmonize speed and dominance at each stage of their venture. These include focusing on preserving control, making smart moves to beat first movers, strategically analyzing the market to dominate, using passion and skills to beat opportunism and capital, and taking off without VC by scaling strategically. By resisting premature VC funding, entrepreneurs can retain control, minimize dilution, and keep more of the wealth created.

Successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, and Mark Zuckerberg have demonstrated the importance of focusing on control, timing, strategic analysis, passion, and skills to dominate their industries without relying on VC funding. By staying in control of their ventures and strategically scaling, these entrepreneurs have been able to achieve success without ceding control to VCs.

In conclusion, mastering the harmony between speed and dominance is crucial for entrepreneurs seeking industry leadership and venture control. While VC funding can be beneficial for some ventures, the majority of billion-dollar entrepreneurs have achieved success by focusing on dominance, strategic analysis, and utilizing their passion and skills to beat the competition. By understanding the importance of retaining control, minimizing dilution, and staying true to their vision, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of building a successful and dominant venture.

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