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Dungeons & Dragons fans gathered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Gary Con, a convention celebrating the life of Gary Gygax, one of the creators of the game. Wizards of the Coast used the event to kick off the celebration of the game’s 50th Anniversary in 2024. They unveiled upcoming books, collaborations with other companies, and a history of the game for both new and old fans to enjoy.

One of the highlights for the 50th Anniversary is the release of Vecna: Eve of Ruin, a high-level campaign starting at level 10 and running to level 20. Players will travel to multiple worlds, including Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dragonlance, and more, seeking pieces of a legendary artifact to stop Vecna’s ultimate ritual. The book is set to release on May 21, 2004. Another upcoming release is Quests From The Infinite Staircase, which features six timeless tales that can be played as a campaign or dropped into an existing storyline. The book is geared towards levels 1 through 13 and is due out on July 16, 2024.

In addition to new campaigns and adventures, Wizards of the Coast announced firm release dates for the 2024 Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks. The Player’s Handbook is scheduled for release on September 17, 2024, the Dungeon Master’s Guide on November 13, 2024, and the Monster Manual on February 18, 2025. Fans can expect expanded coverage of each book as they release.

Historian Jon Petersson has compiled a collection of personal documents, fanzines, and magazine articles for his book, The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons: 1970-1977, which offers unprecedented access to early drafts of Gary Gygax’s work on the game. Set to release on June 18, 2024, this book provides insight into how Dungeons & Dragons evolved from its inception.

Other exciting announcements include FanRoll’s partnership to produce branded luxury dice and accessories, Reyn Spooner’s line of Dungeons & Dragons aloha shirts inspired by Gary Gygax’s signature style, Converse’s line of athletic wear including shirts, shorts, and shoes, and LEGO Ideas collaborating with Hasbro on a premium LEGO D&D set. Fans can look forward to these new products and releases over the course of the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2024.

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