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The footage of migrants surging across the southern border and trampling Texas National Guard members has increased support for the TEXIT movement in Texas, according to Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement. The ongoing border crisis has highlighted the incompetence of the federal government, particularly in terms of border security and immigration. This has prompted more residents to consider secession from the United States. Miller believes that Texans realize that to implement a sensible immigration policy and secure their border, they may need to do so as a self-governing, independent nation.

The handling of immigration by President Biden has further strengthened support for TEXIT in Texas, according to Miller. Residents are coming to the realization that having a secure border and control over immigration policies may require Texas to become an independent nation. Miller argues that self-governing nations have the right to set their own immigration policies and secure their borders. He also points out that Texas’s efforts to clamp down on criminal activity at the border have been hindered by the federal government, as evidenced by legal battles between Texas officials and the Biden Administration.

Miller highlights the increasing interference from the federal government in Texas’ border security efforts, leading to the need for self-governance in this area. He argues that reclaiming the right to defend their border and set immigration policies makes sense for Texas, just like it does for other independent nations around the world. Miller expresses frustration with the federal government’s lack of willingness to address the border crisis effectively, leading Texas to explore the option of secession to regain control over its border security.

The Texas Nationalist Movement has witnessed the crisis at the border and the overreach of the federal government firsthand, according to Miller. He describes the situation at the southern border as an invasion facilitated by an out-of-touch and overbearing federal government. Miller emphasizes that while Texans can vote for elected officials, they have no say in the actions of the many unelected federal bureaucrats who play a significant role in driving policy decisions. He notes that independent polling in Texas has shown growing support for the idea of secession, with residents realizing that governance by Texans would be more beneficial than being under federal laws and regulations.

In Miller’s view, success for Texas lies in understanding that Texans are the best people to govern the state. He believes that being governed by Texans rather than federal bureaucrats would lead to better outcomes for the state. Miller argues that the ongoing border crisis and the federal government’s handling of immigration issues have underscored the need for Texas to have greater control over its policies and affairs. The TEXIT movement continues to gain momentum as residents become more disillusioned with the federal government’s handling of critical issues such as border security and immigration.

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