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Severe storms that hit Texas resulted in a death toll of seven people, with power outages affecting half a million residents. The storms brought intense thunderstorms and high winds, causing damage to buildings, trees, and power transmission towers. Over a million people were initially left without power, with 500,000 still facing outages on Saturday. Some areas may remain without power for weeks, leading to challenges such as sewage overflow and health risks as temperatures rise.

Tornadoes touched down in Texas and Louisiana, exacerbating the impact of the storm. Among those killed were an elderly woman whose home was struck by lightning, a man trying to power his oxygen tank with his car, and a pregnant mother of four who was hit by a fallen tree. Emergency services responded to incidents such as a crane accident that claimed another life. Schools closed, and government services were disrupted due to the severe weather, with officials urging people to stay off the roads and avoid the downtown area.

The storm caused significant damage to infrastructure, including transmission towers and power grids. The National Weather Service classified the event as a derecho, with winds reaching up to 100 mph in some areas. The storm system stretched from Texas to Mississippi and Alabama, affecting a wide area and causing widespread destruction. Drinking water remained safe, but authorities advised those on private wells to monitor their supplies.

The city of Houston took measures to address the aftermath of the storm, including opening locations to provide essential supplies such as water, ice, and phone charging stations. The White House approved a disaster declaration for the state, authorizing federal aid to support recovery efforts. As temperatures climbed, concerns were raised about the lack of air conditioning for many residents, with experts warning of health risks due to the heat.

The National Weather Service cautioned against overexertion during the cleanup process and issued alerts for poor air quality over the weekend. With the region facing a combination of storm recovery and extreme heat, residents were advised to take precautions to avoid further risks. Despite the challenges posed by the severe weather, efforts were underway to restore power and services for those affected by the storms. The community was urged to come together and support each other during this challenging time.

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