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Hilary Duff and husband Matthew Koma threw an extravagant princess birthday party for their daughter Mae, who turned three years old. The party was attended by Mae’s siblings Banks and Luca, as well as Ashley Tisdale’s daughter Jupiter. The theme of the party was Disney princesses, with characters from Frozen and Tinkerbell making appearances. Photos shared by Duff on Instagram Stories showed Mae in a beautiful pink sequin dress and enjoying her three-tier cake, along with balloon art and a garden craft project.

The party was a memorable celebration for Mae as she marked her third birthday in style. Duff, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child, shared photos of her children having a great time at the party. Mae’s siblings, Banks and Luca, were seen enjoying the festivities alongside their younger sister. The party was a fun-filled event with decorations and activities that fit the princess theme, making it a magical day for Mae and her guests.

Guests at the party included Ashley Tisdale’s daughter, Jupiter, adding to the list of attendees who joined in on the princess-themed celebrations. The event was well-documented by Duff, who shared photos and videos from the party on Instagram Stories, giving fans a glimpse into the special day. The birthday celebration featured a variety of activities and decorations, including a three-tier cake, balloon art, and a garden craft project, all of which added to the festive atmosphere.

The party was a family affair, with Duff’s husband, Matthew Koma, also taking part in the celebrations as they marked Mae’s special day. Duff and Koma did an excellent job at creating a magical and memorable party for their daughter, with the Disney princess theme adding an extra touch of excitement and fun for Mae and her guests. The event was a success, with everyone attending having a great time and enjoying the festivities organized by Duff and Koma for Mae’s third birthday.

Overall, Mae’s third birthday party was a grand celebration that combined fun, creativity, and the magic of Disney princesses. The event was filled with decorations, activities, and entertainment that catered to the princess theme, making it a delightful experience for Mae and her guests. Duff and Koma’s efforts in organizing the party paid off, as Mae and her siblings, along with their friends, had a fantastic time celebrating together. The party was a special occasion that will surely be remembered fondly by Mae and her family for years to come.

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